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Made in the U.K

TaniTize Sunbed Cleaning Wipes

TaniTize kills 99.99% of Bacteria and Germs leaving a non

smear sanitized surface.

This revolutionary disposable single use wipe promotes

uncompromised hygiene alongside outstanding cleaning


TaniTize specialist Alcohol Free Sunbed Wipes have been

optimised to leave a sparkling clean surface without

harming the integrity of your Tanning equipment.

Tanitize has been developed by Tanning Salon owners for Tanning Salon owners. We understand the importance of uncompromised hygiene and care of equipment

We found that using a cleaning spray with a cloth was neither effective or good for our equipment, ultimately unless a new soft cloth was used each time germs and bacteria were just being spread about. Disposable tissue was useless as it did not give the sparkling just cleaned shine or non scratch surface we wanted for our equipment.

Therefore T & D ltd have designed a revolutionary wipe to clean equipment and destroy bacteria, leaving a sterile surface without harming the plastics of your Sunbeds.

Tanitize kills 99.99% of bacteria, unlike other "sunbed cleaning sprays" which are generally designed as plastic cleaners. Tanitize will also protect and give a visible shine to Sunbed acrylics and plastics without drying out the surface which eventually leads to cracking.

Available to purchase online:    www.itize.co.uk